Novel AI vs Character AI

Novel AI vs Character AI: The Battle for Narrative Creativity

This is the age of newfound technologies where never-seen-before scientific inventions are taking over the market like a storm. One such invention is AI (Artificial Intelligence). Although AI has been around for years, its true potential is only being discovered now with tools like ChatGPT going viral due to its ability to mimic speech patterns while holding vast amounts of data. 

Other such examples of AI are Novel AI and Character AI, which uses similar concepts but generates different results. In this article, we will discuss Novel AI vs Character AI, their features, differences, pros & cons, and more.

What is Novel AI?

Novel AI
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As the name suggests, Novel AI is “a monthly subscription-based service for AI-assisted authorship, storytelling, virtual companionship, or simply a GPT-powered sandbox for your imagination.” In simple terms, Novel AI is a story-generating software that uses AI to generate original and creative content in seconds. It also allows you to play an AI-powered text game, and generate fantasy-style art within seconds.

What is Character AI?

Character AI
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Character AI enables you to create more realistic and believable worlds with characters that are powered by artificial intelligence. As a neural language model chatbot software, Character AI can generate human-like text responses and participate in contextual conversation. A supercomputer learns to generate what words might come next in a context by reading enormous literature. To put it rather simply, Character AI lets you create characters and talk to them.

Features of Novel AI

  • The AI generator uses AI to generate new plotlines, characters, and settings based on your chosen criteria.
  • You can seek feedback on your work and exchange ideas with other people.
  • On the encrypted servers of NovelAI, your work is safe and secure.
  • The editor’s typefaces, sizes, and color scheme can all be changed at any moment.
  • The NovelAI Diffusion Anime image-generating experience is distinctive and specifically designed to provide you with a creative tool to depict your visions without constraints, enabling you to paint the stories in your head.
  • You can produce content with a furry and anthropomorphic animal theme using NovelAI Diffusion Furry (Beta).
  • NovelAI text-to-image generator tools are powered by Stable Diffusion.

Features of Character AI

  • It uses neural language models as its foundation
  • Characters’ “personalities” are created by descriptions from their perspective and their welcoming message
  • Lets you create wholly unique characters or characters with certain objectives in mind
  • Users can talk to certain characters one-on-one or set up group chats where multiple characters can talk to the users and/or each other at the same time.

Difference Between Novel AI vs Character AI

As suggested by their names, it is clear that while Novel AI uses powerful AI algorithms to generate unique and compelling stories or content, Character AI is a neural language model chatbot web application that generates human-like texts and participates in a contextual conversation.

Unique Features of Novel AI and Character AI

Novel AICharacter AI
Storyteller mode– Give the AI some basic input and it starts writing the story for you with a click of a button.Neural language- Uses neural language models as its foundation to generate human-like text responses
Text Adventure mode– a text game that requires some imagination from you. You decide what the game setting and character are.Advanced character behavior & dialogue- Lets you create entirely new narratives and interactive experiences, powered by AI.
Image Generation mode– The image generator asks for simple text input from your imagination and it spits out a unique and original image.Character creation– Allows you to create “characters”, craft their “personalities”, set parameters, and publish them to the community.
Free Trial- NovelAI has an extensive free trial of 50 generations.Character AI themes- Character A has more than 19 themes and numerous characters related to these topics
Custom Editor– You can customize the NovelAI editor to tweak fonts, colors, and layouts.Quick Creation- Build your own bots with Character.AI and chat with other bots.
Story Encryption– NovelAI protects your work.Advanced Creation– Includes dialog definitions, setting a scene, and building image-generating characters.
Knows many writing styles and authors– NovelAI language model knows how to write in different techniques and styles
Easy to use– The tool is user-friendly and easy to use

Pros & Cons

Pros of Novel AI and Character AI

Novel AICharacter AI
Availability of custom text editorConversational AI
Advanced text generationUsers can create AI character
Absolute security and privacyAvailability of numerous trained bots
Image generationSupports text to speech
Easy to useHelpful home page for beginners

Cons of Novel AI and Character AI

Novel AICharacter AI
Not 100% human-likeUpdates can impact character behavior
Authors may become too dependent on Novel AICharacters make things up on their own
Overtime, Novel AI can become expensive
Not suitable for everyone
You may only use Novel AI for inspiration


Novel AICharacter AI
Paper- Free TrialFree software
Tablet- $10/month
Scroll- $15/month
Opus- $25/month


If you are a budding writer or a start-up gaming company, you might want to check out the AI tools for your benefit. Although AI tools have the potential to revolutionize the industry, they cannot replace the emotions of human-written texts. That being said, AI-generated content will still gain much popularity as it is becoming the rising star of the future.

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