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Top 6 Best AI Video Generators: Transform Scripts into Videos

Video creation has become indispensable for businesses marketing their products and services. A recent study reveals that 72% of people favor video content over text-based marketing. The reason is clear: a well-crafted video engages viewers, delivers content quickly, and communicates ideas effectively. However, video creation can be laborious, time-consuming, and expensive, particularly if you need to hire an experienced editor.

This is where AI video generator tools come in, undertaking the heavy-lifting for you. Currently, numerous AI video generators can transform your scripts into professional videos. In this article, we will reveal our top 6 Best AI video generators choices.

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What is an AI Video Generator and How Does It Work?

An AI video generator is an AI-powered tool that converts your inputs into high-quality videos. It employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze scripts and text content, then utilizes this information to create videos. Over time, these AI-powered video creators improve their performance through self-learning.

These innovative tools analyze inputs such as text scripts or keyword prompts and transform them into visually compelling video content. Initially, you may not achieve industry-standard videos, but the sophistication of AI and repeated testing and trials enable the building of a vast database. This database provides a strong foundation for the program when introduced to general users.

Given that AI learns rapidly, an effective video generator AI tool you acquire today would have already made substantial progress. Consequently, you might not even notice the initial development phase or the ongoing improvements.

Here is the best 6 AI video generators

The AI video generator market is thriving with each passing day. 

There are so many AI tools already available to help marketing teams with their everyday challenges and the number of tools is only increasing. 

We won’t bore you with the specifics of how many AI tools we tested to provide you with our top picks. 

Instead, we encourage you to continue reading for a deeper understanding of each of our recommended AI video generator software. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Pictory AI

Pictory AI
Image credit: pictory

Pictory is a renowned AI-powered video generator that aids in creating and editing videos. It’s specifically designed for quickly and easily transforming longer content, such as blog posts or extended videos, into short-form video content.
Packed with a variety of features, it can help you create professional-grade videos for any social media platform.
Furthermore, its user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can become proficient video editors in no time.

So, if you aim to produce top-tier personal or promotional videos without investing significant time or money, Pictory AI is an excellent choice for you.

Key Features

The key features of Pictory are the reasons we placed this AI video generator first on our list.

  • AI technology identifies “golden nuggets” in your lengthy video content and swiftly produces short-form branded content for social media platforms.
  • Vast selection of templates tailored to meet broader video requirements.
  • Continuously improved algorithms ensure the quality of the videos.
  • Incredibly user-friendly interface that doesn’t require any prior experience for navigation.
  • Includes the automatic transcription for all videos. 
  • Offers a free trial for its Standard pricing tier.

Pricing Structure

Pictory offers a free trial to ensure it’s the perfect AI video generator for you. Here are the premium plans offered by the tool:

  • Standard Tier: $19 per month – permits up to 30 videos per month and up to 10 hours of video transcription. 
  • Premium Tier: $39 per month – allows up to 60 videos per month and up to 20 hours of video transcription.

You can enter the code below at checkout to get 20% off their subscription until you cancel.

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FlexClip can be best described as a cloud-based AI video editing platform with a comprehensive range of user-friendly attributes, prominently fortified with the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI). Its hallmark feature is its remarkably intuitive interface, making it equally accessible to both video editing novices and seasoned professionals.

Text to Video is an innovative feature in FlexClip that allows users to transform their written content into a professional-looking video. With this tool, you can simply input your text and select from different templates and animations that match the tone of your message.

FlexClip offers a variety of customizable templates for different occasions. Whether you’re creating content for a wedding, business presentation, or product launch, there’s a template for you.

Besides, You don’t need to scour the internet for hours in search of that perfect background music or video clip. FlexClip provides access to a vast library of stock photos, videos, and music, ready to enhance your creations.

Key Features

  • Transforms text/script/blog posts into dynamic videos
  • AI image generation
  • Speed curve to create dramatic fast-forward effects
  • Huge video template library speeds up video creation
  • Promising text-to-speech with many options
  • Millions of Royalty-free Stock Media

Pricing Structure

FlexClip provides a free plan and two premium ones at the following rates:


Business: $19.9/month

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Source: lumen5

Lumen5 is a standout AI video creation platform perfect for businesses seeking to swiftly and effortlessly churn out video content. 

Lumen5 can craft a professional video from the ground up, or rework existing videos into fresh content in a snap.

This innovative tool employs a blend of AI and machine learning algorithms to create videos that mimic the feel of human-crafted content.

Its expansive selection of templates and customization features makes it famous among businesses.

If you’re on the hunt for a user-friendly AI video generator capable of delivering first-rate outcomes, Lumen5 deserves your attention.

Key Features

  • Create videos from scratch or remodel existing videos with ease.
  • Numerous templates and customization options are available. 
  • Produce convincing videos that reflect human creativity. 
  • Transforms blog posts into AI videos easily. 
  • Operates on the “click and drag” method to incorporate text, images, and videos into your content.

Pricing Structure

Lumen5 offers four pricing tiers:

  • Community: Complimentary version of the AI video maker software, with watermarked videos and lower quality (720p resolution)
  • Basic: $19 per month – videos are watermark-free!
  • Starter: $59 per month – grants access to their stock photos and videos, and offers higher video resolution (1080p)
  • Professional: $149 per month – comprises brand kits, personalized watermarks, and more!


InVideo AI Video Generators
Source: makeuseof

InVideo is a professional-grade AI video generator that is known for creating high-quality marketing, business, and YouTube videos.

InVideo is a cloud-based AI video generator that generates quality videos within minutes while being as hands-on or hands-off as you prefer.

You can easily start off the process by inputting your keywords, script, or article for the text-to-video editor. 

InVideo offers an expansive template collection (comprising thousands), organized into varied categories for easy navigation.

You can use any template for your marketing, business, YouTube videos and shorts, social media content, slideshows, and intros and outros, among others.

It offers you 50 themes to guide the AI in crafting the video to your specific aesthetics for a more personalized touch. 

Additionally, you’ll have access to complimentary iStock footage to further fine-tune your videos if the AI-generated output doesn’t fully meet your expectations.

Key Features

  • Swift text-to-video AI video generator
  • More than 50 themes to pinpoint your specific style
  • Add complimentary background music or stock footage
  • Robust editing tools to enhance your videos
  • Over 5,000 video templates conveniently divided into multiple categories

Pricing Structure

InVideo provides a free plan and two premium ones at the following rates when billed monthly:

  • Business: $30
  • Unlimited: $60

You’ll get a 50% discount if you opt for annual billing. VideoMaker

Designs AI VideoMaker
Src: designs ai is an artificial intelligence based tool that not only creates videos but also generates logos, voiceovers, text, and short videos within a minute. This versatile AI video creator helps to create videos from text. Works upon large AI algorithms, this tool is having a versatile concept inbuilt in it. With simple prompts, choose a template, and the tool generates a video using various elements like, video, image, and animations. 

With easy usage and simple text, you will be able to create imaginative videos within a minute. Additionally, users can also upload their own existing video content and use the tool to edit text, music, transitions, and other effects too. Simple to use and navigate is one of the best AI video generators that will transform scripts into videos. Unlock your imaginative power with and explore the versatile concept of AI with this futuristic tool. 

Key features: 

  • Easy to explore this tool does not require any experience in video editing. 
  • offers various templates or template libraries for various designs and purposes. 
  • This tool features automatically suggest edits and improvements, if your video requires edits it will notify you. 
  • It has 20+ language and accents options that will help you to create voiceover based videos with different voices and tones. 
  • Take less time to generate video without any glitch and quality issues. 

Pricing plans: offers a free trial first and its pricing plan divided into three categories for users to choose according to their convenience. 

  • Basic: $19/month, this plan is specifically made for individuals, students, and to those marketers that need quick and easy projects. Users can start a free trial with this plan. 
  • Pro: $49/month, this plan is the most popular one specifically made for professionals looking for advanced editing capabilities and exclusive top-tier templates. 
  • Enterprise: $169/month, this plan is specially made for large teams and agencies that need unified branding at large scale and collaborations. 

DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI
Source: cxtoday

DeepBrain AI is an ingenious platform designed to effortlessly build hyper-realistic human avatars tailored to your narrative. 

With state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly design, it is the ultimate solution for content creators striving to animate their narratives in an authentic manner. 

Key Features

  • A comprehensive library featuring 80+ distinctive human avatars.
  • Compatibility with over 200 different languages.
  • A free trial option allows you to test its suitability for your needs.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface.

DeepBrain AI Pricing

  • DeepBrain AI offers a great bargain at $30/month for 10 minutes of video content. 
  • Pro Plan costs $225/month that provides up to 90 minutes of video content.

You can opt for a yearly plan, and enjoy a 20% discount.

Wrapping Up

An AI video generator serves a great role in creating video content to save you tons of time and money that would otherwise pricy and glabrous video creation process. 

These tools have become fundamental software for many businesses and marketers to produce so many videos from text-based content in a snap. 

Among the sea of AI video content generator tools, we have listed the top 5 picks; Pictory, Lumen5, InVideo, Synths Video, and DeepBrain AI. 

If you want to get your hands on the best AI video tool, we recommend you to check out the Pictory AI review and avail free trial before making a purchase!

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