Ziro DriveSync

Ziro DriveSync, transform Your Android Auto & CarPlay with full Android Experience

In the rapidly evolving world of automotive technology, a groundbreaking device known as Ziro DriveSync is set to revolutionize the driving experience for Android Auto and CarPlay users. This innovative adapter, designed to convert wired connections into a wireless marvel, aims to provide a full Android experience on your car’s infotainment screen. However, it also raises concerns about safety on the road. 

Similar in appearance to the previously reviewed CARLUEX Pro, the Ziro DriveSync offers a game-changing upgrade for Android Auto and CarPlay users. The adapter promises to transform your car’s infotainment system into a fully functional Android computer. It’s equipped with a SIM card slot for internet access, freeing users from depending on their phone’s hotspot. Additionally, it boasts Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a card slot for expandable storage. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM6125 chip, it runs on the Android 10 operating system. 

One of the main advantages of Ziro DriveSync and similar devices is their ability to eliminate app restrictions inherent in Android Auto and CarPlay for safety reasons. With a full Android system at your fingertips, you gain the freedom to install any app from the Google Play Store or as an APK, including video streaming apps and games.

Ziro DriveSync

However, this newfound freedom comes with a caveat. Safety restrictions, such as preventing video playback while the vehicle is in motion, are lifted as well. This poses a potential distraction for drivers and raises significant concerns about road safety. 

The Mini version, which was created exclusively with the German brand in mind, is likely to function with other vehicles while the Pro version did not support BMW automobiles. As long as their car has wired Android Auto and CarPlay capability, pretty much everyone should be able to access full Android. I suspect that the firm will put restrictions in place to block the connection to non-BMW cars. 

While Ziro DriveSync is generating considerable interest, it’s worth noting that the device is currently seeking crowdfunding support on Indiegogo. Enthusiastic individuals can secure their Ziro DriveSync with a 130 Euro donation, with shipping expected to commence in January of the following year. However, potential backers are advised to approach this device with caution, as its similarities to CARLUEX raise questions about its performance and reliability. 

As technology continues to reshape the driving experience, Ziro DriveSync represents a bold step towards the future of in-car entertainment and connectivity. Yet, as we eagerly embrace these innovations, it’s vital to balance convenience with safety on the road. 


  • Android Auto: Android Auto is a Google invention that enables users to securely and conveniently access apps and services by connecting their Android devices to their car’s entertainment system. 
  • CarPlay: CarPlay is an Apple invention that enables customers to link their iPhones to the infotainment system in their vehicles, making it easier and safer to access apps and services. 
  • Wireless Adapters: Equipment that turns an Android Auto or CarPlay connection from a wired to a wireless one, doing away with the need for cords.
  • Infotainment screen: The screen in a car’s dashboard known as the infotainment screen is used to display information and manage features including media, navigation, and communication.
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