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Destiny 2 Game-Breaking Bug Threatens PvP and PvE Balance

Destiny 2 is grappling with what many consider one of the worst bugs in its history, leaving both bosses and PvP players in a state of chaos. This game-breaking bug enables players to craft firearms with perks so powerful that they’re wreaking havoc in various activities and PvP matches, creating a hilarious but frustrating predicament for gamers.

Players have exploited this bug to attach shotgun frames to auto rifles, resulting in weapons that can obliterate opponents in PvP within milliseconds, thanks to a significantly reduced time to kill. The consequences are equally severe in PvE activities, with grenade launchers wielding frames from other weapons, launching devastating projectiles at enemies and PvP players alike.

The timing of this bug is particularly problematic, as Bungie, the developer behind Destiny 2, currently offers extra rewards for the Grandmaster Nightfall activity—a notably challenging PvE experience. However, this glitch turns even the most formidable foes into pushovers, as players breeze through enemies and bosses with ease.

The bug extends its reach to Trials of Osiris, Destiny 2’s competitive PvP mode, where a coveted Igneous Hammer weapon awaits those who achieve a flawless victory by winning seven consecutive games. Unfortunately, this weapon-crafting glitch has flooded the Trials of Osiris with players armed to the teeth, making a mode known for its difficulty look like a walk in the park.

Destiny 2
Image: Bungie

What’s particularly astonishing is that this bug allows exotic weapon perks to be applied to regular legendary weapons, fundamentally altering the game’s gunplay dynamics. Using one of these bugged weapons almost feels like cheating.

Bungie now faces the daunting challenge of addressing this issue. The potential solutions are complex, as they may involve server rollbacks and meticulous scanning of previously crafted weapons to ensure no overpowered arms linger in the game. The Destiny 2 developer has confirmed that they are actively working on a fix but hasn’t indicated any plans for emergency server maintenance or rollbacks. In a statement on X (formerly Twitter), Bungie stated, “We’re aware of an issue that allows specific weapon perks to be crafted into other legendary weapons and are investigating a fix, which will result in these weapons being reset in the future.”

One silver lining for gamers is that Bungie won’t be punishing players who have exploited this bug, in line with their ban policy. However, it’s essential to note that external scripting and network manipulation tools remain bannable offenses, subject to security review.

In summary, Destiny 2 currently finds itself in the midst of a chaotic “laser tag 2.0” scenario, with players wielding weapons that defy the laws of balance. Bungie’s efforts to restore order to the game are underway, but the scale and complexity of this bug make it a unique challenge in the world of gaming glitches. Until a fix arrives, players will continue to redefine the boundaries of Destiny 2’s universe.

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