How to Use the Midjourney AI Art Generator: A Pro Guide

As the digital world is developing towards innovating new methods of using AI and machine learning in various fields of work and entertainment, it has managed to enter the field of art and creation. AI art image generators are a rave among digital artists and ad creators these days. They produce pieces of art with high accuracy and deliver faster results than traditional forms of art generation. Midjourney AI is a popular AI image generator among creators and has features similar to Stable Diffusion and Open AI’s DALL-E image generators used by experts and even newcomers.

David Holz, the co-founder of Leap Motion, with the help of a team of researchers, developed the open beta phase image generator that launched on July 12, 2022. The tool has successfully created various art forms and is widely accepted by artists in different work areas. It uses text inputs on the Discord bot to create eye-catching art forms based on the texts.

This article would guide you on how to use the MidJourney AI art generator as an art creator for various digital work purposes.

What is Midjourney AI?

Midjourney is a well-known art device among art developers and creative marketers. However, for newcomers in this field, here’s a brief guide about Midjourney. So, what is MIdjourney? It’s a multipurpose AI art generator known by creators to deliver artwork using prompted texts. Its AI processes textual descriptions of the art form or painting you want to create and generates attractive, realistic, and artistic images based on the text prompts. 

This easy-to-use, innovative tool is ideal for all types of creators, even beginner-level artists, and has a high potential to develop in the future. Midjourney is a perfect tool to create professional-level graphics, portraits, ad content, or just for the general practice of painting and arts. It is the future of the AI art generation and is bound to revolutionize the creation of art in the present world.

Midjourney AI art generator – How does it work?


Midjourney converts text-based image prompts into artistic images independently. The free-to-use image generator uses AI and machine learning to create original images based on word prompts. The unique device is different from other art generators as anyone having a Discord account can connect with the Midjourney beta server and start making art images. You can upscale, download, send the image to yourself, and browse image galleries of other users. 

Launched in 2022, Midjourney is popular among artists and ad creators on the internet.

Discord is MIdjourney’s delivery / creating mechanism that helps you connect with others on the platform. You have to create a Discord account to use the image generator services and talk and chat with others while working on your art. Discord works the same as voice or text chatting done by gamers while playing online games. 

How to use Midjourney AI

Let’s find out how to use this incredible tool to create a piece of art! You need to follow the below-mentioned steps before starting with your art creation.

Join the Discord Community

Discord is Midjourney’s delivery / creating mechanism that helps you connect with others on the platform. You have to create a Discord account to use the image generator services and talk and chat with others while working on your art. Discord works like voice or text chatting done by gamers while playing online games.

On the homepage, select the Join the Beta option, or simply go to the Midjourney Discord.

Join the Beta

You will see the option Continue to Discord, which launches the app and registers your account for the service. You can register here for the imaging service and join the web-based Discord application or download the desktop app. You have successfully joined the community and can start creating AI art and images on the platform. Also, signing up for Discord is free of cost.

Join the Discord Community

Select a newbies channel or newcomer rooms

Select any newbies channel displayed on the left sidebar on the Midjourney Official Server. You can select from a number of open newcomer rooms, with names like newbies-29.

newbie channel in midjourney
Image: screenshot

However, on other servers, you can use the Midjourney Bot on the server that invites the Bot and generates images of your choice. Follow the instructions mentioned on your server on where to use the Bot.

Imagine Command

Discord Commands

Imagine and add a command on the Discord app to start using the Midjourney Bot.

A text command helps you create, modify, monitor, and use the bot’s features to imagine and create the art form you wish to create. Use the /imagine command, add a short text description or Prompt, that describes the image of your choice, and generate your desired image in minutes. The unique image thus generated will be based on your text inputs and modifications made after that.

Use the /image command in midjourney

Using text /imagine command

Select the /imagine command from the pre-added default pop-up commands or type a conversation in the type /imagine prompt in the Discord chat for your newbies room. It will create a prompt field to type your text.

Add a text description of the image you want to create in the prompt section.

Click return to send your prompt message.

The job process

The Midjourney Bot will generate your desired images within a minute and will create many different versions based on your text description. A precise text description helps the bot to create accurate results.

Moreover, the Bot offers a free trial of up to 25 Jobs, which allows creators to learn using the tool and gradually develop their performance.

The Job action is to use the Bot and the /imagine command to produce a set of images, upscale them, or create image variations. You can use the /info command to view the Fast Time Remaining to check your remaining free trial time. 

Review or download images – upscale art images or create new variations

As the Bot finishes generating your desired image, two options appear in rows of buttons.

“U” buttons and “V” button
Image: screenshot

U1 U2 U3 U4

The “Ubuttons upscale the created image’s size, creating its larger version with added details.

V1 V2 V3 V4

The “Vbutton develops modified images of the selected image. It makes a new grid of images, that’s similar to the design and composition of the original selected image.

Selecting the re-roll option reruns a Job,  the original prompt generating a new grid of images.

You can use the envelope icon in the chat to save or download the generated image for future use. Just left-click on the created image and select the Open original option. The image will be opened on another page. Save or download it with just a few clicks.

How to Edit Personal Images on Midjourney AI

Click the + symbol on the left of the chat box to upload the image that you want to edit to the chat. Once uploaded, click Enter to add it to the chat.

Left Click on the image to enlarge it.

Right-click the popped-up image and copy its URL.

Paste the URL on the /imagine command and add your text command after a space to modify the image to your need.

To conclude

Midjourney AI art generator offers a limited number of free images, after which you will need to pay a monthly fee for unlimited image creation. The fee is $8 for 200 images and $24 per month for unlimited access. You can use the above-mentioned steps on how to use the Midjourney AI art generator to create unique images of your choice.

In addition, the Midjourney AI art generator service is free for over 25 images. After that, it charges $10 for 200 and $30 per month for unlimited images.

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