Hostinger Web Hosting Review: Why Choose Hostinger Hosting?

Hostinger is one of the well-known Web hosting brands available in the web hosting market today.  With 24/7 live chat support and a strong base to host your website, Hostinger offers affordable hosting for all types of website owners. In addition, the company is constantly working on developing its server technology to continue holding a fault-proof web hosting system by educating individuals on their services.  It is available in India and worldwide, but will it serve your purpose? Let’s find that out!!

The WordPress hosting industry knows Hostinger web hosting as one of the best Web hosts that offers quick WordPress installation, free CDN, advanced web security, free site migration, WordPress speed acceleration, and automatic system updates. Moreover, it offers geo-specific hosting based on your location with a choice of 7 data centers in Europe, the US, Asia, and South America.

So why choose Hostinger? Well, the features offered by the web-hosting company are some of the industry’s best, developed using years of experience in web hosting. Let’s know more about its features and prices. But for readers who want want to know about “what is web hosting?” please read below.

What is a Web hosting Service?

Webhosting service provides you the online storage space to hold various web pages on the World Wide Web (www). The companies that offer these services are called Web hosts. Hostinger is one such Webhost well known for its hosting services.

The servers run by Web hosts work 24 x 7 while hosting a website, and have unique IP addresses. IP addresses are hard to memorize and so, webmaster gives their domain name to the IP address of the server that stores their website. However, hosting a website needs a computer on for 24 hours, which is practically not possible on your local computer. Web hosts like Hostinger perform this task for you.

Hostinger in India

Hostinger offers various business owners a platform to hold their websites and get more traffic without switching providers. It can take care of all your web hosting needs and even provides a website builder bundle. It is a one-stop solution for website owners in India and is also helpful for beginner website creators.

Hostinger security features

Hostinger servers are well guarded by security experts, who take care of your and your visitors’ data and offer free SSL. You can get weekly or daily backups, based on your purchased plan, and create a 2-factor authentication (2FA). Following are some of its main security features.

  • DDoS protection: Hostinger provides layers of protection against DDoS attacks. For instance, each server has the Imunify360 and Bitninja web application firewalls and Wanguard generates firewall rules to analyze traffic and block them. In addition, the Cloudflare service protects your server’s IP address, avoids DDoS attacks, and distributes content across various servers globally.
  • Internal server security: Equipped with security modules like PHP open_basedir and mod_security, Hostinger monitors your servers 24/7, and the data centers look after high redundancy.
  • Daily or weekly website backups: Hostinger offers daily backup service for Business plan users and weekly backups in all its plans. The backups manager rolls back the latest version of your functioning site, to check errors.
  • Free SSL Certificate: It comes with all Hostinger plans and is easy to install during the initial website setup. This Google-ranked SSL encrypts your server data avoiding third-party interference and data stealing.
  • 2-factor authentication (2FA): Hostinger offers an additional second layer of password security code, along with the regular password. Only you can access the code through an app, so even if someone gets your password they can’t log in without the security code.

How to get a discount or coupon code from Hostinger?

Hostinger’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday web hosting deals, offer good discounts on their hosting packages, the services being the same and reliable. You can get the discount codes by following a few steps on the Hostinger website.

Use coupon code HIT2021 and get 7% discount.

Types of Hosting

Hostinger offers four different types of Web hosting services.

 Shared Web Hosting

  • Cloud Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Email Web Hosting

What is the hosting price range?

Hostinger hosting plans range from ₹69–₹5999/month and consist of a dedicated IP and 24/7 customer support.

Shared Web Hosting Prices

Shared Hosting hosts multiple websites on a single server. It provides some storage space and resources to each user.

Plans Benefits Single (₹69.00/month) Premium (₹139.00/month) Business (₹249.00/month)
Websites 1 100 100
SSD Storage 50GB 100GB 200GB
Bandwidth 100GB Unlimited Unlimited
Free Domain Name No Yes Yes
FTP Accounts 1 Unlimited Unlimited
My SQL Databases 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Daily Backups No Yes Yes

Cloud Hosting Prices

Cloud Hosting offers a dedicated virtual server, in which you receive all resources, an IP address, and more. Here, you don’t need to share your server with other users.

Plans Benefits Single (₹69.00/month) Premium (₹139.00/month) Business (₹249.00/month)
Websites 300 300 300
SSD Storage 200GB 250GB 300GB
Memory (RAM) 3GB 6GB 12GB
Free Domain Name Yes Yes Yes
Free Dedicated IP Yes Yes Yes
CPU cores 2 cores 4 cores 6 cores
Daily Backups Yes Yes Yes

VPS Hosting Prices

Cloud-based VPS hosting gives your website a high speed of up to 30 times as compared to any shared web hosting service. We have shown here the prices and features of VPS1, VPS2, and VPS3 plans for your reference. You can check the Hostinger Website for detailed pricing and features of all the VPS plans.

Plans Benefits VPS 1 (₹249.00/month) VPS 2 (₹429.00/month) VPS 3 (₹779.00/month)
vCPU 1 core 2 core 3 core
SSD Storage 20GB 40GB 60GB
Memory (RAM) 1GB 2GB 3GB
Bandwidth 1TB 2TB 3TB
Free Dedicated IP Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Core Geekbench Score 608 991 1407
Weekly Backups Yes Yes Yes

Email Hosting Prices

Email hosting is specifically focused on business email servers. As this service works independently from website hosting, you can fully operate your business here, even if it is in the process of setting up.

Plans Benefits Business Starter




Business Premium




Email storage 10GB 30GB
Forwarding Rules 10 50
Email aliases 50 50
Antivirus check Yes Yes
Advanced anti-spam Yes Yes
Cloud-Based Infrastructure Yes Yes

 Which one is the best plan for you?



Of all the Hostinger Plans, we recommend the Single Shared Hosting plan as the cheapest and best hosting plan for users who want to try starting new websites.

The Single Shared Hosting plan comprises 50 GB of SSD storage, 24/7 customer support, and automated weekly backups for ₹69.00/month. It is ideal for beginners looking for a reliable web hosting service at a budget price. If you want some practice in setting up your first website and then growing your business then this plan is best for you.

This plan works well with blogs, online stores, landing pages of brands, and websites and is preferred by marketers and entrepreneurs who use online marketing to promote their businesses.

Premium Shared Hosting offers management of up to 100 websites simultaneously at a cost of ₹139/month.

Compared to Single Shared Hosting, this plan offers more flexibility and extra resources like 100 GB SSD storage, a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth and FTP accounts, and up to 100 email accounts. You also get a free domain name.

The Business Shared Hosting plan is designed for small and medium eCommerce sites, and established entrepreneurs who are looking for enhanced security, and performance. It is ideal for users having multiple blogs or many medium-sized websites, WordPress, and other Content Management System (CMS) users

The package offers 200 GB SSD storage, a WordPress hosting tool, and automatic daily system backups for₹249.00/month. Its large storage space and additional resources offer users the platform to host several resource-intensive websites.

How do you buy hosting from Hostinger?

To buy a hosting plan on the Hostinger website, you have to just go to the buying section and choose one of the plan packages and click the buy hosting option. Also, the video walkthrough shows the complete method of buying a new website domain name and connecting a new hosting account to it.



Buy a Domain Name and Hosting

 A domain name is the face of your business website and acts as a brand name. So, it should be attractive and catchy.  Also, Web hosting provides an online platform to store your website data, documents, files, and other databases. You can follow the below steps to buy and create a good Domain name and hosting for your website.

  • Select the Suitable Domain Name

Search various Domain Names in the Hostinger Domain Checker and select a Domain Name best-suited for your brand. If you already have a domain name, then click on Transfer Domain to transfer your domain. The checker will show you various solutions with extensions such as .com,.org, .net, etc. along with their prices. Select the best name and click Add to Cart to check its availability. If the name is available, you can view the Hosting plans.

  • Select a Hosting Plan

The Hostinger Hosting Plans or Continue to Cart options will show you the Domain Pricing in the Cart. You can click the Select Hosting Plan to select the best plan that matches your requirements. Our recommendation is the Single Shared Hosting Plan for beginners and Premium Shared Hosting for experienced users. These plans offer accurate Solutions for all your hosting needs.

  • Select Prices and Plan Period

After selecting the Domain Name and Hosting Plan you will automatically come to the Checkout Page. Select your domain and hosting Period and confirm your Order Summary.

  • Create your Account or Sign up

Scroll down to see the Account Creation option and add your Sign up details like Email id, Github, Facebook, and Google. If you already have an account then log in directly.

  • Select Payment Options

Hostinger accepts payments from Debit cards, Credit cards, PayPal, and Cryptocurrency options. Enter your payment details and click Submit Secure Payment. When your payment is complete, Hostinger will email your order summary and login details. You can log in, add a website and install WordPress and manage your website.

Is it worth hosting a website in Hostinger?

Hostinger has used its years of industry experience to provide reliable web hosting services. It offers a secure platform for websites at affordable rates for users worldwide, even for beginners in online businesses and startups. It works well with users who are looking for a budget website with some limitations.

The WordPress hosting industry knows Hostinger as an affordable service with a secure web-hosting platform and 24/7 live customer support. It is equipped with an automatic WordPress install, free CDN and site migration, an advanced security system, automatic system updates, and WordPress speed acceleration.

Moreover, the advanced hosting service offers an 80% discount for WPBeginner readers, a free domain name, and SSL. With so many features and functions available at a much lower price, Hostinger is certainly worth the price offered.

Why is Hostinger hosting so cheap, and why is it better for web hosting?

Hostinger offers three shared hosting plans starting from $1.99/month. It is cheaper than most hosting service brands available today.

However, its Shared hosting plan is the cheapest web hosting service with a cost of around $1-$15/month. Hostinger is a reliable hosting service known worldwide for its affordable hosting service with customer support. It is an excellent platform to host business websites, blogs, and other startup site users who want to try creating their websites for the first time.

Which hosting is better than Hostinger?

Hostinger offers quick loading and chat support at a budget price. Bluehost, on the other hand, provides multiple services like storage, bandwidth, websites, and high-end support. In addition, Go Daddy offers superior support with a simpler user experience, better performance, and a 24/7 calling line. Although Hostinger has robust features, it lacks dedicated call support.


Image: Hostinger

However,  the chat support is quick though and provides all the necessary help you need.

Can I get a refund from Hostinger and How?

Yes, you can get a refund by canceling your purchased Hostinger plan. Hostinger has an on-the-spot or by-expiry date canceling option. You can select your preferred option and click the Cancel hosting option.

The company offers a cancellation period of 30 days from the date of purchase. However, it does not allow refunds of products bought using tokens, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies due to their volatile exchange rates.

Just select your product and click on Continue. Read the warning before proceeding to mark the checkbox, and select Cancel hosting. Your product will be canceled.

How to request a refund from the hostinger?

Hostinger’s refund request process is simple. You can follow the following steps to initiate the refund process.

  1. Go to the Help Page on the Hostinger website and select Payments & Refunds→ I want to get a refund → Request a refund.
  2. A window will show your last 30 days’ purchases. Select the invoice that you want to cancel and ask a refund for. Click the download arrow to check whether your invoice is refundable.
  3. If an invoice is refundable and auto-renewal enabled, you can disable its automatic renewal option and then click on Refund.
  4. Choose the services you wish to refund from a list provided in the invoice, and click Continue. Read all the information about the product’s services before canceling, check the verification mark, and click Continue.
  5. Select the reason for your cancellation request from the list shown and click Submit. Check the summary of your refund and then click Request refund and confirm.
  6. Your refund request is now registered with Hostinger and it will send an email of confirmation. You can see its status in the Payment History in the Billing section.

Manual refund request

If you cannot find the automated refund option on your control panel, then ask for help from Hostinger’s Customer Success team via Live Chat. You will get instant support when you contact them.

However, you must know the below-mentioned refund policies of Hostinger before heading for one.

  • Once requested the refund is non-reversible and Hostinger will delete all configurations, files, emails, and databases. If you still want your service back, you can purchase a new one and restore your files from backups
  • You cannot download Website Builder websites.
  • Read the Refund Policy before you buy a plan to check if any service is refundable.
  • Hostinger does not offer refunds for products purchased using digital assets like cryptocurrencies or tokens.


Is Hostinger safe for websites?

Yes, Hostinger has years of experience in the shared web hosting industry and has gradually grown into a trustworthy hosting service provider.

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