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Adventure Awaits: The Best Remote Control Robot Toy for Kids

A toy is a child’s first-ever friend, a non-living creature that a kid interacts with, after being familiar with its parents. Your kids like to play, communicate, make friends, and build a relationship with it just like they would do with their siblings or pets. Children have been playing with toys for ages and the toys have developed for years from being small clay to stuffed babies to battery-operated toy cars and robots. And then came the remote-controlled robot toys for kids. These revolutionary sets of playing toys take your child’s play to the next level of education and fun all-in-one play. So, let’s dive deep into the world of remote control robots.

Remote control robot toys for kids are the toys of the future. Equipped with high-quality sensors and motor abilities, these kid toys can help your child develop motor and cognitive skills like observation and problem-solving. They combine science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to playfully train your kids in these fields and so take them further into the world of innovation and science. These skills encourage children to discover their imagination and choose their careers in these fields later in life.

Keeping your child’s age in mind you can select the best remote control robot toy that offers play and educational value to the child. Here, we have researched various remote control toys that match a child’s age and skill levels, based on their design, safety, materials used, charging capacity, ease of use, longevity, value, and entertainment. So, before buying that robot toy to challenge your child’s imagination, do look at the below-mentioned set of remote control robot toys for kids.

Remote Control Robot Toys

Executive director and professor of education at the Center for Access and Achievement at Maryville University, Steve Coxon, Ph.D. has explained the merits of using STEM robot toys. According to him, robot toys improve a child’s spatial ability, creativity, coding skills, and self-efficacy. The remote control robot toys equipped with cutting-edge technology, and special creative functions, help develop STEM skills in children of all ages. When accompanied by parents or teachers, a child learns problem-solving, overcoming failures, and strategic planning while building the blocks or solving puzzles in school or at home.

Remote Control Robot Toys

Moreover, these multi-featured robots keep your children entertained and occupied for hours, teaching them new motor and cognitive skills. And that’s not all! Even teenagers and adults would like to play with them developing a strong bond between kids and the elders in the family. Remote control robot toys for kids come in various figures from characters to cars, water bodies to flying gadgets like helicopters or drones. You can play with them in the comfort of your home or take them out while going for a walk to keep yourself entertained.

Benefits of remote control Robot Toys for Kids

RC robot toys help develop motor skills, communication, hand-to-eye coordination, critical thinking, and planning in toddlers and growing children.

  1. Improves Fine Motor Skills

Remote control robot toys like tractors, cars, helicopters, or drones promote fine motor skills in toddlers and growing children. For instance, a two-year-old child can learn how to hold, play and manage using an RC toy vehicle effortlessly. As the child starts bonding with the toy, it cultivates a sense of authority and accountability toward it.

Gradual familiarity with the robot toy helps them to take care of the toy like charging it when the battery is low and understanding various features and parts of the toy. They start learning the toy parts benefits and develop a liking for it, which gradually improves their motor skills. 

Gradually the toy becomes an important part of the child’s memory as it grows up playing with more complex toys.

  1. Responsibility and STEM learning

Children like to take care of their favorite toys and preserve them for future playing. When kids become familiar with remote control robot toys, they develop confidence and so tend to take care of them. They learn to store their robot toys, charge them when required, take care of the toy parts, and conserve the toy with discipline. As they take responsibility for the toy and preserve it, they can play with the toy for many years and show it to their friends and cousins. The toy manual is easy to study and helps kids learn its basics and necessary elements.

Some robot toys also provide STEM learning (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). As children learn the basics of science and technology and get familiar with it, they can choose a career in these fields later in their lives.

  1. Develop Social Bonding

While working with their parents and other kids, children learn to play and coordinate in teams and socialize with people. When a child carefully builds a toy tractor, he needs help from his parents to understand the robot toy. With gradual encouragement from parents, children develop confidence and so connect with their family members while playing along with the remote control robots. Moreover, children learn to socialize with friends and develop emotional bonds with siblings when they solve puzzles and build robot toys together.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Remote Control Robot Toy

Remote Control Robot Toy

A remote control robot toy for kids is usually equipped with versatile features and usage disciplines. Therefore, to find the best and reliable RC robot toy, you must consider some important factors.

Age Accuracy

You must consider your child’s age as to whether he/she is a toddler, growing child or teenager, before buying an RC toy. Check whether the toy’s features are suitable for your child’s physical, mental and emotional development. The toy must help your kid grow its thinking, learning and creative abilities along with providing entertainment. 

For example, a  toy car trains your child to drive on the road, whereas a toy helicopter teaches him to fly in open air. A drone would require certain licenses for playing in open areas. You can check the age recommendations mentioned on the toy packaging before buying them.

Design and Aesthetics

Know your child’s likes and dislikes while choosing a toy and consider what he/she would like to play with. A toy car is different from a drone, a musical doll or a Lego robot. Also toys come in different colors, shapes and sizes. So consider whether you want your child to play with the robot inside or outdoors. Finally, choose a robot toy that encourages your child to play and engage, while it learns new skills.


Remote control robot toys are known to use an ample amount of batteries to operate. However, modern RC toys include rechargeable batteries to operate. Considering their battery life and operation you must check their playtime hours and charging time taken. For example a hoverboard takes 4-6 hours of charging time. Also, various features, parts and functions of the toy are also mentioned on the packaging.

Quality and Safety

A RC toy that offers a warranty period is highly reliable and provides long term service. You can also get its parts in the market easily. Kids tend to be rough with their toys often and break them while playing battle games etc. You won’t want to buy an expensive new robot every week though!

Therefore, selecting a durable and high quality toy from reliable stores online or offline is highly recommended. Toys with sturdy exteriors and built with weather resistant materials last longer. Also, consider checking the user manual for small parts to avoid choking hazard or other safety issues. The colors and parts used should be kids friendly and non-poisonous as children usually tend to put the toys in their mouth.


Remote control robot toys have varied prices based on the features they display. They are budget priced to highly expensive high tech bots with higher safety and usage features. A high tech RC robot toy includes multi-functional features and can even have educational features that vary with a child’s growing years. 

Also, a toy that’s suitable for lower aged kid is best for children using robot toys for the first time as they would take time to connect with the toy’s features. Your child might quickly lose interest if a remote control robot is too difficult to understand and play.

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