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Microsoft Adds Share Button to Bing Chat Powered by GPT-4 AI

Microsoft has added a button to it’s Bing chat to make responding to chats and posts on Facebook easy using AI. Microsoft is attempting to make it simpler for you to share your experiences on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, with its GPT-4-powered Bing Chat. 

Screenshots of the chatbot’s fascinating (and occasionally distressing) comments have already been circulated, but it now appears like Microsoft is making an effort to capitalize on the trend. That could be an indication that it has more faith in the safeguards it has installed around the system after users stressed it beyond repair.

The firm demonstrates the share button in a blog post on Friday, claiming that in addition to sharing the answer on social media, you can use it to create a persistent link to it. When you click the link, a Bing Chat window will open, displaying the complete, cited response it sent to the person who shared it. You can even inquire further about the other person’s response. I clicked on a link to a response regarding dinner suggestions, and when I requested vegan variations of those dishes, it responded with them.

Bing AI
Screenshot: Mitchell Clark / The Verge

It appears that in order to visit the link in Edge and have the full experience, you must be logged into a Microsoft account that has access to the Bing Chat preview. (The company still ostensibly has a waitlist system, but when customers click the “join waitlist” button, it seems to be letting them on right away.) Edge will still display the shared answer if you don’t have access to the Bing Chat, however Chrome or Safari would just display a message urging you to download Edge.

Together with the share button, Microsoft claims to be testing “an optimization on ‘Balanced’ mode that dramatically increases performance” that will allow the bot to answer your queries more quickly. The three Verge employees who tested it didn’t really detect any changes, but it didn’t appear to lag as badly as previously.

Also, Bing can now “absorb higher amounts of context” when you use the Creative tone, according to Microsoft, who claims to have increased Bing’s “contextual comprehension” during the previous week. According to the blog article, that ought to make it more effective than before at summarizing lengthy texts.

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