Adobe Firefly Vs Midjourney V5

Adobe Firefly Vs Midjourney V5: AI Text-To-Image Generators

Creating artistic images using AI (artificial intelligence) is the latest trend in the world of art. Adobe is one of the many companies investing in this industry and has recently designed a new AI image creator called Firefly. Adobe in partnership with Nvidia developed the Firefly and launched it last week. It is estimated to out beat the features of the current generative AI sensation, Midjourney v5. Does it have all the advanced and unique features? Well, we have to look into it to find it out.

Here’s a peek into various new features of Firefly and a comparison with MIdjourney v5 based on the users’ reviews.

Adobe Firefly Unique Features

One of the distinguishing features of Adobe Firefly is that unlike Midjourney, Dall-E or 2 Stable Diffusion, it is estimated to be integrated with the Creative Cloud Suite. 

Adobe Firefly
Image: adobe

It is designed to associate with your everyday workflow and if it delivers its promised features, it can grow higher in the AI image creative industry. Let’s look into some of its unique features.

  • AI image creator Ethics
  • Text-to-image Generation
  • AI image creation on Typeforms
  • Precision Editing
  • AI Image Upscaling
  • AI image creator Ethics

Adobe claims that its training images are generated from its Stock Library and not from original images of artists worldwide. Although Firefly doesn’t ask permission from artists to use their art images, they offer an option to opt out of the artist’s imagery in the training specimen data using a “Do Not Train” option. Moreover, Adobe also agrees to provide compensation to artists who offer their art to Firefly.

Recently, a worldwide protest of artists against generative AI companies like Midjourney, Deviant Art, and, occurred with images of a cross over the characters “AI” spread throughout the web. Later, a lawsuit was filed against the companies, which roughly said that their art pieces were used as training images on these generative models without the artist’s permission. A wide set of training image data of the works of artists were used without offering them any compensation for their art. Adobe claims to use AI ethics by offering compensation and image opting-out options, unlike other AI generative brands.

Although it is a great step towards following AI ethics, the promised compensation is unknown and we are skeptical about how effectively it would work to avoid the misuse of original artists’ works in the future.

Text to Image Generation

Firefly can generate images from text prompts and uses Photoshop or Illustrator, similar to the MIdjourney v5. Although an expert in AI art creation, Midjourney lacks a speedy transfer of images to an editor for graphical designs. Instead, Firefly could offer an image view in Photoshop to modify it after generation.

Adobe Firefly
Image: adobe

Whether the generated images will meet the user’s expectations and needs as compared to Midjourney V5 is a matter of user experience. However, Adobe has made developments in its AI ethics.

AI image creation on Typeforms

Although MIdjourney v5 has upgraded its text to image generation abilities, it usually generates an image with an alien script. Firefly is made to generate images on top of the text, and you can alter it by modifying your text or adding or removing texts from the original text.

Precision Editing

Another important feature of Firefly is offering precise image editing options with AI, like in-painting and smart portraits. These features would offer more skills to Adobe products, using photoshop, and even beginner-level users can create beautiful art with the help of AI.

  1. In-painting and Smart Portraits: In-painting enables the masking and adjusting of various image elements and small portraits. In specimens, you get customized facial features like eyes, smiles, wrinkles, and jaw.
  1.  Image Depth: In-depth image adjustment allows designers to adjust the image contents of the objects in an area, creating realistic and mesmerizing portraits.
  1. Templates and Conversational Editing: Designers can chat with each other while experimenting with new ideas for designing an image on Firefly. Firefly offers chat interaction to facilitate different ideas integrating into image designing.
  2. Generated Brushes, Vectors, and Textures: Firefly helps users generate brushes, vectors, and textures from text or sketch inputs. This feature helps new creators with the necessary skills required for image designing.

AI Image Upscaling

Firefly would provide AI upscaling of your images in the software, helping creators to work on higher-resolution images. This enables the creation of detailed and professional quality vibrant designs. However, Midjourney v5 offers image-upscaling at an extra cost and a long wait for image uploading. Although v5 has high-quality image features, it lacks the built-in image upscaling feature.

Adobe Firefly Vs Midjourney V5

Adobe being one of the pioneers in creating image design like photoshop has now entered the generative AI industry with some great features. The above-mentioned features of the Adobe Firefly are definitely a step further than MIdjourney v5. However, whether Firefly would help keep its promises and offer better image-designing solutions is a mystery yet to be solved by users.

Adobe Firefly Vs Midjourney V5

If Firefly features deliver the expected results, it will be a professional competition for the present leading generative AI companies like Midjourney, Dall-E 2, and Stable Diffusion. Midjourney v5 has great creative features any engineer or artist would love to explore, but Firefly has the potential to become the standard generative AI that includes all the necessary features. Its seamless association with the Creative Cloud Suite could make it a more popular option for everyday use.

Moreover, if Firefly’s image quality is acceptable then its specific user-friendly features would make it the best in the industry, outsmarting the MIdjourney v5. However, experts and early users say otherwise and do not find Firefly as useful as Midjourney v5.

To Sum Up

Adobe’s Firefly AI image generator is yet to release, but we know its features and are eager to explore them. How well the features work and whether they are better than what MIdjourney v5 has offered will be known later. We will give you an update about it after the launch of Firefly. As per some users, Firefly’s text-to-image converter is not as high quality as expected. Yet its other features predict that Firefly is the next sensation and is here to stay in the generative AI industry.

Is Adobe Firefly Killing Midjourney, DALL.E?

Is Adobe Firefly Killing Midjourney, DALL.E?

Adobe’s Firefly generative AI launched in March comes with a new Generative Fill’ feature in Photoshop. This unique feature gives competition to leading AI generators like Dall E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. Firefly’s generator is built on NVIDIA Picasso which creates photorealistic images and allows new image-style creations.

Moreover, the Generative Fill tool preserves image aesthetic appeal while removing objects, creates precise artwork using text prompts, and offers customized usage of brushes, vectors, and textures. It allows users to create social media and marketing content, banners and posters, and posts using text prompts.

Furthermore, Adobe’s user interface provides valuable prompts for AI beginner-level users and generates intuitive designs. Photoshop includes inpainting and outpainting and other advanced AI features that are present in DALL E and Stable Diffusion.

Microsoft Designer uses DALL E which is trained in stock images for corporate use. Stable diffusion unlike DALL E2 and Midjourney is open sourced. Canva uses Stable Diffusion to make detailed artwork but can’t read complex text prompts and generic images. Also, Canva has generated inappropriate content making it a less credible app. Although there are no updates for DALL E. their usage depends on the creator’s requirements and needs.

Adobe’s generative AI allows users to try its features without subscription and later engages them to subscribe to the product. In addition, its tie-up with Google and NVIDIA promises safe AI development and quality imagery. Adobe users get a user-friendly interface, transparency, commercial safety, free trials, integrated AI features, and quality output all in one place. 

Nevertheless, Adobe has proven to be a tough competition for other AI image generative apps like DALL E and Midjourney who have been at the forefront in the market till now.

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