Motorola Razr+

Next-Gen Motorola Razr+ 2023 Smartphone Battery Leaks With Model Number

Following three important leaks in the past several weeks, MySmartPrice claims to have new details on Motorola’s next Razr smartphone. Although it initially seemed as though Motorola will refer to the next model as the “Razr 2023” or “Razr (2023),” MySmartPrice maintains that “industry sources” have told it differently. The website specifically indicates that the new smartphone will debut as the Motorola Razr+, and it then uses the term Motorola Razr+ (2023).

Also, according to MySmartPrice, Motorola issued the smartphone the model number “XT2321” in line with other Motorola devices that have been made available to date. 

Moreover, the website informs that Razr+ (2023) would include a 2,850 mAh battery capacity. To put it another way, it appears like MySmartPrice has stumbled onto the future foldable smartphone at a regulatory authority, such as the 3C in China.

The total capacity of the Razr 2022 is 3,500 mAh. According to GSMArena, this 2,850 mAh capacity might only relate to one of the Razr+ batteries (2023). 

Typically, foldable smartphones feature two batteries. However, this does not imply that the Razr+ (2023) will have two batteries with a combined capacity of 5,700 mAh. Motorola typically installs a second battery that is smaller; the second battery in the Razr 2022 is rated at 660 mAh but has a 712 mAh capacity.

Given that MySmartPrice specifically mentions rated capacity, the Razr+ (2023), we anticipate that this battery will have closer to a 3,000 mAh average capacity. The Razr+ (2023) is likely to have a nominally greater combined battery capacity than its predecessor, which may approach the 3,700 mAh, provided by the Galaxy Z Flip4. 

Motorola maintains its strategy with the prior Razr foldable. The smartphone company is expected to introduce the Razr+ (2023) in June.

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