OPPO's Leap into Mixed Reality

Chinese tech giant OPPO unveils its new MR Glass Developer Edition

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Unveiled at AWE 2023

The groundbreaking headset was announced at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) 2023.

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Snapdragon XR2+ Chipset

Fueling the MR Glass is Qualcomm's potent Snapdragon XR2+ chipset, crafted for the demands of XR.

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Immersive Visual Experience

With a 120Hz refresh rate and Binocular VPT via dual RGB cameras, the MR Glass enhances reality like never before.

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Designed for Developers

This new headset aims to inspire developers to pioneer applications, pushing the boundaries of mixed reality tech.

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Mixed Reality: The Next Computing Platform?

OPPO believes mixed reality could be the successor to smartphones in the computing world.

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Availability in China

Initially, the MR Glass will be available through the Snapdragon Spaces Developer program in China.

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The Future is Mixed Reality

Joining the ranks of tech leaders like Microsoft, Xiaomi, and Apple, OPPO is ready to steer the future of mixed reality.

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