A smartwatch designed with durability and a long-lasting battery, ideal for working women but suitable for everyone

From Carbinox, the brand known for rugged designs. The Carbinox Vesta allows you to stay connected without a smartphone.

Features an ergonomic design with a durable, scratch-proof screen and shock-proof technology. Pairs with your smartphone for handsfree connectivity.

Specifications: 42mm diameter, 80gr weight, 1.85'' display, Panda Tempered Glass screen, 10-15 days battery life, compatible with Android and Apple smartphones.


Unique features include IP69K Waterproof, Aerospace Metallic Body and Bezel, and more than 70 sport modes.

Greater impact resistance and connectivity with its re-engineered metal bezel and rubber elements. Make and answer calls without your smartphone.

Incredible display clarity and precise health tracking results: heart rates, steps counter, sport modes, and more.

Additional features: heart rate tracker, blood pressure monitor, oxygen measuring, sleeping mode, location-based weather, call and message receiving, social media notifications

Offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 30-Day software or internal issues protection.

Pros: Durability, shockproof technology, high-definition sounds, ultra-clear display, and compatibility with Android and Apple smartphones.

Carbinox Vesta: The perfect smartwatch for hardworking individuals seeking quality, affordability, and everyday functionality.