Best VR Headsets in India For 2022

Top 10 Best VR Headsets to Buy in India 2024

Virtual Reality has emerged as one of the leading trends in the gaming world and VR headsets are the talk of the town. Virtual Reality, or VR, allows you to travel without moving from your pace through the power of technology. Although the true potential of VR is yet to be realized, one cannot deny that VR provides a compelling gaming experience.

The growth of VR in the gaming market has rapidly influenced the Indian gaming world as well. Indian gamers are clamoring for VR equipment, especially VR headsets, to enjoy the immersive experience of VR gaming. If you are hunting for the best VR headset in India, this article will guide you through the top 10 best VR headsets to buy available in the Indian market. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gamer, you will find the most suitable options here.

Here is List of The Top 10 Best VR Headsets in India 

1. Oculus Rift S

Best advanced PC-powered gaming vr headset

Oculus Rift S -Amazon


Dimensions27.8 x 16 x 21 cm
Weight‎1.05 kg
Battery4 AA 
Compatible devicesPC
ConnectivityUSB, Bluetooth
Graphics CardNVIDIA GTX 1060 / AMD Radeon RX 480
Additional featuresIntel i5-4590, touchpad control
Price₹ 75,000

Pros and Cons

Impressive visualsWired
Backwards compatibleProne to crashing
Insight tracking available 
Full software library 

Oculus Rift S is one of the most advanced PC-powered gaming headsets in the VR gaming world. Bearing improved optics that deliver bright, vivid colors and a reduced “screen-door” effect, the Oculus Rift S is at the top of its range. Also, the ergonomically designed halo headband provides speed and comfort. A direct follow-up to the Rift, the Rift S simplifies the setup process, updates specs, and provides an improved overall experience. Furthermore, it offers more VR software access than any other Oculus device. 

Moreover, the advanced hardware works with Oculus software innovations to render smooth gameplay on a wide range of PCs. Oculus Insight translates your movements into VR no matter which way you are facing and provides room-scale tracking without external sensors. Not only that, with Oculus Touch controllers, you can transport your hands and gestures directly into the game.

2. HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite

Best for compatibility with all VR-capable PC desktops and laptops

HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite - vive


Dimensions‎16 x 21 x 8.8 cm
Weight‎5.83 kg
Compatible devicesPC
ConnectivityUSB 3.0, DP 1.2
Display1440 x 1700 pixels per eye
Graphics CardNVIDIA ® GeForce ® GTX 970 4GB, AMD Radeon™ R9 290 4GB
Additional featuresFlip-up visor, adjustable eye comfort setting
Price₹ 94,999

Pros and Cons

Easy to assemble and operateQuite costly
Impressive VR experienceRequires a high-end graphics card
Easy to wear 
Compatible with all VR-capable PC desktops and laptops 
Sleek design 

The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite is the latest headset from the HTC Cosmos lineup that boasts a dual 4.3-inch 1440 x 1700 displays running at 90 Hz. You can now experience the ultimate immersion quality with higher resolution and lens fidelity in the highest comfort. Also, the VR headset offers a field of view of 110 degrees. 

Moreover, the HTC Vive Cosmos Elite is ergonomically designed with a flip-up visor, adjustable eye comfort setting, and adjustable head strap. Its input includes a multifunction trackpad, grip buttons, dual-stage trigger, system button, and menu button. Additionally, with Base Station 1.0, this headset generates accurate external tracking so you can slash, punch and spin with precision. The headset offers rich stereo audio which lets the user experience a 360-degrees listening experience for an immersive VR experience.


Best headset that allows you to enjoy virtual reality within a budget



Dimensions‎23.1 x 10.4 x 19.1 cm
Weight‎317.51 gms
Battery2 AA
Compatible devicesPC
ConnectivityUSB 3.0, HDMI
Display6″ / 16 cm AMOLED
Graphics CardN/A
Additional featuresTouchpad
Price₹ 7,318

Pros and Cons

Budget-friendlyOnly compatible with selected Samsung devices
Uses various sensors 
Large touchpad 
USB Type-C port 

If you are looking for something that won’t drain your pockets, Samsung Gear VR SM-R322NZWA is your best bet. This budget-friendly Samsung VR supports most Samsung flagship devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It connects to your smartphone via the USB Type-C port present on the device for charging.

Furthermore, Samsung Gear VR SM-R322NZWA equips a large touchpad, so you don’t lose control of your smartphone even when it is inside the headset. Additionally, it offers a field of view of 96 degrees and employs various sensors such as an accelerometer, gyro sensor, and proximity sensor to provide an immersive experience. Lastly, the headset is comparatively lighter than other headsets at only 318 grams, making it easy to wear for hours without any problem.

4. Oculus Rift + Touch

Best for minimum hardware requirements

Oculus Rift + Touch - amazon


Dimensions‎10 x 10 x 10 cm
Weight‎1 kg
Battery2 A
Compatible devicesPC
Connectivity3x USB 3.0 ports plus 1x USB 2.0 port
Display1080 x 1200
Graphics CardNVIDIA GTX 1050Ti/AMD Radeon RX 470
Additional featuresSix free titles, ultra-low-latency tracking
Price₹ 79,747

Pros and Cons

Spectacular buildRequires high-quality graphics card
Lightweight and comfortableDisplay is not ultra sharp
Adjustable headset 
Life-like controls 
Great audio system 

VR gadgets from Oculus are on another level, so it is not surprising that Oculus Rift + Touch made it to this list. Oculus produces VR headsets with superior build quality and amazing performance, and Oculus Rift + Touch is no exception. It doesn’t require top-of-the-line PC hardware, the minimum requirements being an i3-6100, a GTX 1050Ti, 8GB+ RAM, and 3 USB ports as well as an HDMI port to run your favorite PC VR games on the headset. 

Furthermore, the audio system integrated into the headset provides a 360-degree immersive listening experience. Moreover, Oculus has equipped it with sensors, headset, and touch controllers that detect your head, hand, and body movements and translate their presence into combat, artwork, and more. Oculus Rift + Touch offers ultra-low latency tracking resulting in precise and real-time movements in your VR application as well as game. It requires Windows 10 and a working internet connection to connect to various games and applications and interact with other VR players around the world.

5. Irusu Play VR Plus

Best for headphones and lens adjustment

Irusu Play VR Plus - amazon


Dimensions‎‎23.6 x 21.5 x 11 cm
Weight350 gms
Compatible devicesSmartphone
Graphics CardN/A
Additional featuresAdvanced touch control, Independent Lens Adjustment
Price₹ 3,099

Pros and Cons

Advanced touch buttonRemote can be difficult to use
High mobile compatibilityLow-resolution
Customizable viewing experience 
Adjustable head strap and dials 

Irusu produces quality VR headsets that are both durable and affordable. The Irusu Play VR Plus is compatible with almost every smartphone running the latest version of the Android or iOS operating system and with a maximum screen size of 6.69-inches. Also, it comes with adjustable straps and dials that let you customize your viewing experience by adjusting the focal length and the distance of the lens from your screen. 

In addition, the Irusu Play VR Plus uses your smartphone’s 3.5 mm headphone jack so you can enjoy 360-degree stereo surround sound that will immerse you into the VR content playing on your screen. Irusu Play VR Plus has an Anti-Blue lens that effectively filters the blue light, protecting your eyes. Thus, people who have myopia or hyperopia can use it without wearing glasses. It equips a 40mm HD optical resin lens with focal and IPD adjustments with a field of view of 110 degrees. The only downside is the Irusu controller for navigation and gaming in VR only supports android. 

6. Irusu Monster

Best for high-definition resin lenses

Irusu Monster - amazon


Dimensions‎‎19.8 x 14.6 x 10.9 cm
Weight420 gms
Compatible devicesSmartphone
Display1080 x 1200
Graphics CardN/A
Removable front panel for ventilation, VR Headset Supports Augmented reality
experience using the front panel.
Price₹ 2,399

Pros and Cons

Bluetooth remoteHolder is not secure enough
AffordableAverage-quality Bluetooth controller 
In-built touch buttons 
High comfort levels 
Adjustable head strap 

Irusu Monster is a pocket-friendly VR headset that packs quite a punch. This lightweight VR supports various smartphones, both Android and iOS, with a maximum screen size of 6.69-inches. Its fully adjustable lenses allow you to adjust pupil distance and object distance for individual lenses. Hence, the Irusu Monster is suitable for different eyesights for a comfortable and immersive Virtual Reality experience. 

Furthermore, you can use the in-built touch button to trigger the actions in VR games and apps like play/pause, next/previous, and multiple selections in VR apps. Also, the new design with super light ABS plastic with a strong build ensures high comfort levels. Not only that, Irusu Monster equips a three-way adjustable head strap, foam face cushioning, and removable front panel for a comfortable and immersive VR experience.

7. Procus ONE

Best for lenses

Procus ONE
Image – Amazon


Dimensions‎‎28 x 21.59 x 17.78 cm
Weight290 gms
Compatible devicesAndroid / iOS / Windows phone – with gyroscope function
Graphics CardN/A
Additional features90-100 degree field of view, HD resin spherical lenses
Price₹ 1,999

Pros and Cons

Biggest 40 mm lensesLow-quality video
Expanded field of view 
Comfortable viewing for extended periods 
In-built touch button 

The Procus ONE, powered by Google Cardboard technology, is compatible with phones that include gyroscopes and has screens ranging between 3.5 inches and 6 inches. The most defining feature of the Procus ONE is the 40 mm lenses with an expanded field of view surpassing 100 degrees, allowing you to enjoy a fully-immersive viewing experience. 

Moreover, the VR headset includes HD optical lenses, a built-in IPD adjustment feature, and adjustable screen distance for eye safety and viewing comfort. Additionally, it is comfortable to wear for a prolonged time due to the adjustable headband, head support, and foam face cushioning. Also, the Procus ONE equips an in-built touch button for a better gaming experience.

8. Procus PRO

Best for an immersive experience and in-built headphones

Procus PRO - procusgo


Dimensions‎21 x 18.5 x 11.2 cm
Weight415 gms
Compatible devicesSamsung, Micromax, Karbonn, Intex, Lava, Procus smartphones
Graphics CardN/A
Additional features100-120 degree field of view, touch button controller
Price₹ 3,199

Pros and Cons

Large field of visionDisplay quality could be improved
Touch button controller 
Comfortable VR experience 
In-built headphones 
IPD/ Distance controller 

Inspired by Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, the Procus PRO VR headset features built-in speakers, volume control choices, and a touch button for operating the headgear. The Japanese PMMA lenses give a field of view of 100-200 degrees and also aid in reducing eye fatigue during extended hours of use. 

What’s new about the Procus PRO headset is its touch button controller that you can use to assist in controlling the device externally without having to remove the headset. So, you do not need to remove your phone from the holder panel to adjust the volume or preset the volume level before launching your VR experience. Instead, you can utilize the external volume controller to easily increase or decrease the volume. 

Moreover, the in-built Action button allows you to control apps without any external controllers or clippers. Lastly, the mobile holder panel dissipates heat effectively so you can enjoy your VR experience without a hitch. 

9. Sony Playstation VR with Camera Bundle

Best for an immersive gaming experience.

Sony Playstation VR with Camera Bundle
Image – Amazon


Dimensions35.56L x 26.67W x 20.83H cm
Weight3.48 kgs
Compatible devicesBest For PS Gaming
Graphics CardN/A
Additional features

100 degree approx. field of view, Six-axis motion sensing system,
HDMI, AUX, and Stereo connection interface.


Pros and Cons

Close to PC-quality performanceDoes not have required accessories
Easy to set up device 
Easily wearable on eye-glasses 
Attractive design and quality build 
6-sense motion sensing camera 

The Sony PlayStation VR is one of the best VR headsets made by Sony. This easy to set device released in 2016, is perfect for gamers. The VR headset works wonders with your PlayStation and gives you an immersive virtual gaming experience. 

Moreover, its camera captures all your moves and the 6-axis motion sensing system tracks your movements in real-time. Sony has been one of the world’s leading companies, working on VR technology, with high quality design and sensing mechanisms. The headset is best for PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 users and helps them play their favorite games virtually.

10. Oculus GO

Best standalone VR headset.

Oculus GO
Image – Amazon


Dimensions190L x 105W x 115H mm excluding head strap
Weight468 g with head strap
BatteryAA, 2600 mAh
Compatible devicesPC and smartphones, Standalone Headset
ConnectivityUSB, WiFi, Bluetooth
DisplaySingle LCD binocular
Graphics CardN/A
Additional featuresStandalone VR, Intuitive controller, Spatial Audio, Optimized graphics

Pros and Cons

Standalone VR headsetNo support for 6-degrees of freedom
Excellent image quality 
Large VR apps library 
Standard motion controller 
Connects with Go, Gear VR and Oculus Rift social chat owners 

The Oculus Go standalone VR headset is one of best innovative VR headsets designed by leading virtual reality technology maker Oculus. The company manufactures different types of new VR headsets in India. You can use the headset without connecting it to your PC or Smartphone.

Equipped with a built-in quad-core chipset, the headset delivers good performance. Moreover, a pair of LCD displays, 1,280 x 1,440resolution and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 CPU, Oculus Go is a good choice for VR enthusiasts. In addition, it features a three-degrees-of-freedom (3DOF) motion controller, a clickable touchpad and manual Back and Home buttons. Its inbuilt speakers and industry-leading Spatial Audio audio-technology features offers immersive gaming and music experience, which would be a treat for the listener. 


As VR technology evolves, there is no doubt that virtual reality headsets will evolve as well. However, the products listed on this page are some of the best VR headsets available on the Indian market in India. 

In order to pick the best VR headset, you need to consider what suits you best in terms of budget or the type of headset you want. Moreover, it is also important to take your hardware, as well as space, into consideration.
Finally, we hope this article has been helpful and informative. If you have any queries, feel free to throw questions at us via contact us.

Disclaimer: Techinfo24h is not liable for retailers’ price changes. Prices may vary depending on the discounts offered during sales on their respective sites. The product price mentioned above is the current price displayed on the respective sites.

FAQs for VR Headsets in India

How Much Does a VR Headset cost in India?

Depending upon the various features offered, a VR headset can cost anything between 1200 INR to 39,000 INR and higher.

Which VR Headset is Best in India?

Oculus Go, Irusu Play VR Plus, HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, and Oculus Quest 2 are some of the best VR headsets available in India.

Can I Watch Movies on a VR Headset?

VR headset plays movies from your PC, Android, and iPhone mobiles, by downloading your favorite streaming app.

Do VR Headsets Require a PC?

VR headsets can connect to your PC. However, you do not always need to connect it with one. VR headsets can connect with your smartphone, a standalone VR device, or a console for gaming or video streaming.

What Is VR Technology?

VR, short for virtual reality, is an advanced technology that allows people to immerse themselves in a simulated environment similar to the real world for entertainment or therapy purposes. This is usually (but not always) delivered through head-mounted hardware that tracks a person’s movements.

What Is IPD in VR Headsets?

IPD is a common term you will come across if you are researching VR headsets. It is an abbreviation for “interpupillary distance,” or the distance between the center of your two eye pupils.

What is a FOV?

FOV stands for field of view, which means everything your eyes can see at a given moment in your surroundings. In the context of VR, the field of view refers to everything you can see in the virtual world at any given moment while using the VR headset.

Are There Any VR Headsets With a Remote Control?

Yes, of course. The Irusu Monster VR headset features a Bluetooth remote control and a touch control panel. It is easy to adjust the focal length and pupil distance to make it a comfortable experience for yourself.

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